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The Best Time is Now

A few easy steps to help you with your accommodation search!

There’s no time like the present – especially when it comes to finding university accommodation. If you plan to study in Stellenbosch and wonder when to start looking for a new home away from home, the best time is NOW!

As Stellenbosch is a vibrant town with a large student influx, the accommodation hunt can be quite a challenge. Whether you’re still waiting for that acceptance letter or are already stocking up on  textbooks, it’s never too early to start looking for accommodation.

Here are a few practical steps to help you with your accommodation search:

1. Ask yourself a few questions…

It’s important to establish what you are looking for and what you can afford. Do you want to live on campus, in the midst of the student buzz, or do you prefer staying in a quiet neighbourhood just off of campus? Do you want to go solo or are you dreaming of sharing a space with friends? What does your budget look like? Asking these kinds of questions will help you finetune your search and save a little time in the long run.

2. Get to know the lay of the land

You’ll find that Stellenbosch is a small town with a big feel. Even though the town might feel rather large, the University and other academic institutions are all situated close to lovely neighbourhoods and shopping centers. Getting an idea of the lay of the land will help you establish exactly where your academic institution is situated and which area you should take into consideration when looking for a place to stay.

3. Make contact early on in the game!

If you’ve identified an apartment or student housing that you’d like to stay in, get in touch!. Even if it’s too early to apply for these spaces or to start signing rental agreements. If there’s a waiting list, write your name down! Or ask the rental agency involved to notify you if there’s a vacancy in the space that you’re interested in. This will put you on their radar and allow you to be the first in the run for the space that suits your needs best!

4. Take a look at MySpace Residence

You might say that this fourth step is biased, but we’d say that we’re just helping you on your journey! MySpace Residence offers premium student accommodation that was carefully designed to make life a little easier for busy and on-the-go students. With two brand new locations opening up in Stellenbosch central in 2023 and a stunning location situated in Paradyskloof, the different MySpace Reisdences are ideally situated for students from Stellenbosch University, Stellenbosch Academy and other academic institutions. Each MySpace Residence comes with a variety of room options, excellent amenities and is stylishly designed – making it easy to find the perfect space for you!

Head Office
Corner of Bird and Alexander Street
MySpace Management Offices:
021 007 0559 (Office Hours)